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5 Reasons Why WordPress Can Help Boost Your Business

Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in SEO, Web Design, WordPress
5 Reasons Why WordPress Can Help Boost Your Business

WordPress has become the go-to blogging platform for small businesses of every kind, all around the world. There are several reasons for this, but they all boil down to one simple fact: WordPress works. It is one of the easiest and most intuitive user platforms, allowing one-click publishing to a wide number of social media sites. The problem is that many businesses don’t know how to get the most out of their WordPress account, so they wind up wasting a lot of time and losing out on a lot of potential business. Here are five reasons why WordPress, with proper search engine optimization paradigms, can boost your business to the top of the search engines!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Knowing and understanding how to set up content in such a way as to make your chosen keywords show up seamlessly on the page is one of the most frustrating parts of creating new blog or site content. Not only do the keywords have to be right to draw customers in, but how can you be sure you’re using keywords that will bring people to your business’s site rather than your competitor down the block? There are a number of great metrics to help you determine what keywords are most underutilized for a given product, service, or idea, and using these underrated keywords can help set you apart from your competition without worries about ethics or keyword “stuffing,” which can get your site banned from the major search engines.

One-Click Publishing

Having a large Internet presence right from the start is important. That’s why WordPress’s social media plug-ins are so great! Being able to automatically post new content from your blog to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Reddit, and over thirty other sites with one click allows you to get your message out to more potential customers quickly and efficiently. When your message shows up in that many places simultaneously, the search engines take notice. This can be a huge boon to a business, but it’s only the start.

Ease of Use

In addition to the one-click functionality of WordPress publishing, the site itself is designed to be user-friendly even for blogging novices. You can import pictures, video, and music from your computer or the Web, allowing you to create a richer and more enjoyable visitor experience without compromising performance. You don’t need to know HTML or be an advanced code-slinger to manage a great-looking, professional and engaging site. Additionally, WordPress has a great back-end dashboard where you can change settings, see who’s looking at your site, track traffic, and see what your top social media referrers are in one logical and intuitively organized layout.

A Better User Experience

WordPress makes communication between visitors, customers, and your personnel easier, too. Blogging sites like Blogger can make leaving a comment a frustrating effort for your customers, with the security features and sometimes clunky user interfaces they use. WordPress streamlines this process, making your content more easily searchable, better organized, and allowing better interaction with the site which makes for happier customers!

Growing your business takes more than a great website. If the content isn’t optimized properly or you can’t get your message out where it will do the most good, none of this means anything. That’s what makes WordPress such a superior one-stop site for small businesses. Simple setup and maintenance coupled with superior social media and search engine reach draws attention…and customers!

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