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Create Denver to Offer Six Scholarships to Creative Businesses

Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in Denver

Create Denver is offering six scholarships to creative businesses, organizations and individuals for the NxLevel for Creatives workshop series through the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center. Scholarship recipients will receive 50% off the tuition fee for this 11-session course guiding entrepreneurs through the steps in business planning, and helping them turn their ideas into reality.

NxLeveL for Creatives is a 11-session, 30-hour course that addresses questions every entrepreneur interested in launching a creative business or product needs to answer before starting their venture.? Participants develop a business plan during the course to test the feasibility of their business concept and act as a blueprint for their venture.

The ideal candidate for NxLeveL is an entrepreneur starting a new business venture or a current business owner looking to revisit their business plan.

Create Denver supports the growth and development of the creative sector and is offering? six (6) scholarships to creative businesses, organizations and individuals in the City and County of Denver.? Scholarship recipients will receive 50% off their NxLeveL for Creatives tuition fee.? Scholarships will be accepted July 16 through Aug. 27.

The scholarship application deadline is Aug. 27. For more information or to apply, please visit this link.

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